Marshall Tegular Block Pavours

Driveway Doctor was called to see if their was anything we could do with this customers large area of tegular paving, they where considering re paving the unsightly area.

We discussed in details what we could achieve, and after 2 days work the customer ended up with a new looking driveway and Paths.

First we pre treated the area using a strong weedkiller.

Then using our rotary machine we tackled the blocks, cleaning the surface and removing all the moss and weeds.

Once dry, we brushed back in Kiln dried sand to re stabilise and applied our own acrylic resin to the whole area.

The transformation was amazing as you can see and for a fraction of the price of a new driveway the customer got these results.

The colours where lifted out and all the new sand sealed.

This customer said it looked better than when it was first laid 15 years ago

After driveway cleaning
After driveway cleaning