Solutions and cost savings for all commercial properties, shops, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes, – all businesses, plus work for Local Authorities

The Driveway Doctor offers a special service for cleaning, restoring and maintaining commercial properties. Over a period of years our commercial property cleaning contracts have gained a high reputation amongst many high profile companies and with Local Authorities.

For example, our cleaning and renovation services are used by several branches of McDonalds, who obviously insist their suppliers give the highest quality of service. We offer your company the same high level of service to ensure your premises stay clean and inviting.

  • Car parks
  • Shopping precincts
  • Garage forecourts
  • Factory floors
  • Pubs & restaurants
  • Trade counters
  • Garden centres
  • Schools
  • Leisure centres, etc.
  • – and many more

A positive impact for all hardscape

The specialist commercial resins used by The Driveway Doctor belong to the technical product group known as SPPU’s (Specialist Pre-Polymer Urethanes) which, according to research, can have a positive impact on both the performance of paved surfaces and their structural integrity.

Driveway Doctor cleaning van outside commercial property

On untreated installations, the effect of wind, rain and, particularly, cleaning with high pressure water, is to erode the jointing sand which allows movement of individual blocks. This unseats them (known as ‘sinking’) and pushes neighbouring blocks away (known as ‘spreading’). Both are a major problem on commercial hard surfaces, particularly where there are high volumes of heavy vehicles.

Chewing gum removal

Removing chewing gum from hard surfaces is a major problem for businesses and Local Authorities. Our coating products decrease the porosity of the treated surface, thereby limiting the adhesion of chewing gum after treatment and dramatically lowering subsequent maintenance costs. Local Driveway Doctors can provide you with an environmentally friendly (chemical-free), cost effective removal of chewing gum.

Maintenance programs for business

Driveway Doctor offers maintenance programmes tailored to businesses’ individual requirements and budgets.

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