Driveway Doctor van on commercial driveway cleaning job

Commercial Properties

The Driveway Doctor offers a special service for cleaning, restoring and maintaining commercial properties. Over a period of years we have gained a high reputation amongst many high profile companies and with Local Authorities.

For example, our cleaning and renovation services are used by several branches of McDonalds, who obviously insist their suppliers give the highest quality of service. We offer your company the same high level of service to ensure your premises stay clean and inviting.

Driveway after cleaning and renovation

Driveways & patios

Your local expert Driveway Doctor is on call, ready to make big improvements to your property. He has the remedy to your problems of moss, grass, weeds, stains and the general discolouration of your driveway and patio, terrace or pathway caused by atmospheric pollution.

Whatever the material – block paving, tarmac, paving slabs or printed concrete, with The Driveway Doctor safe CHEMICAL FREE restoration process, the surfaces are restored to their original finish. Weeds, moss, grass, stains, slippery algae growth – all are removed, quickly and safely

External sandstone driveway cleaned and sealed

Internal & external stone

Established in 2002 The Driveway Doctor is the premier UK company specialising in cleaning, restoring and renovating driveways and pathways, renovating patios, restoring terraces, stone and tiled surfaces. All this is at a fraction of the cost of replacement, helping to keep your property

The Driveway Doctor team are specialists at cleaning and restoring timber decking, whatever the grade of timber. Once cleaned the decking is given a liberal coating of special timber sealant to maintain the finish and protect from the elements.

Resin Bonded Driveways

Resin Bonded Driveways

Resin bonded stone surfaces are extremely resilient and will look fantastic for years to come though as we all are aware everything needs cleaning, even your beautiful new driveway or patio.

Before driveway cleaning

Picture of a dirty driveway

After driveway cleaning

Beautifully cleaned driveway