The Driveway Doctor renovates and restores driveways, pavements, patios, pathways and terraces, cleans block paving drives, renovates and treats stone floors

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The Driveway Doctor will clean, restore and renovate your driveway and patio and then give added protection using our special hard wearing, non-toxic surface coating resins

Your local expert Driveway Doctor is on call, ready to make big improvements to your property. He has the remedy to your problems of moss, grass, weeds, stains and the general discolouration of your driveway and patio, terrace or pathway caused by atmospheric pollution.

Whatever the material - block paving, tarmac, paving slabs or printed concrete, with The Driveway Doctor safe CHEMICAL FREE restoration process, the surfaces are restored to their original finish. Weeds, moss, grass, stains, slippery algae growth – all are removed, quickly and safely.

This Driveway Doctor treatment avoids the damage that non-professionals may cause to driveways and patios using inappropriate power washers. They often undermine the foundations and cause instability.

The Driveway Doctor protects the restored and cleaned surface finish of your driveway and patio using specialist equipment and our special hard wearing, non-toxic surface coating resins. The resin coating greatly reduces the risk of further stains and inhibits the re-growth of weeds, grass and mosses, enhancing the overall appearance of your property.

Our cleaning machines are purposely designed to restore driveways, paths and patios by providing a unique deep cleaning system. We work with all hard surfaces:
  • Block paving driveways, terraces and patios
  • Tarmac driveways
  • Brick patios and paths
  • Concrete, including imprintyed concrte
  • Natural and re-constituted stone surfaces
    and more...


With Driveway Doctors all over the UK we are the only national company to offer this special type of restoration and renovation service. However large or small your drive, patio or terrace, we can make a big difference.

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Driveways, pavements, patios and terraces renovated, pathways and drives restored, block paving cleaned and renovated, all from The Driveway Doctor

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